Meaning of “hampanai”(hanpanai)

This article was written over a year ago.

In these days, the most trending word is “hampanai” in Japan.
Many people scream on twitter “Osako hampanai!!”.

You know, team Japan won the game against Columbia 2 to 1! (I talk about World Cup.)
It’s a miracle. Japanese world rank is 61 but Columbia is 16!
Osako is a great Japanese FW, He got 2nd goal! He also made a chance of 1st goal.
Yes, he is great and awesome, so we screamed “Osako hampanai!”.

Meaning of “hampnai”

Meaning of “hampanai” is “awesome” or “incredible”.
“hampanai” is a normal Japanese slang. We often use the word and similar word is maybe “yabai”.

The Guardian also explained the word like this.

「His performances are often described as hampanai – a Japanese expression meaning “awesome” or “incredible”」

※Many Japanese think “why hampanai? hanpanai is correct.”
I don’t care about small things, so I use “hampnai”. Anyway I’m happy because The Guardian know Japanese trend word about Osako!

The origin of “Osako hampanai”

I’ll tell you the origin of “Osako hampanai”.
“Osako hampanai” was the comment of loser. When Osako was a high school student, he was already an awesome player.
So the loser praised Osako with his vexation.

Can you see this video? He says “大迫 半端ないって”(“Osako hampanai tte”)
※You can use “tte” as emphatic expression, like this “Yabai tte”, “Kawaii tte”.

Anyway he is a good looser and we love him and Osako.
So that’s why “Osako hampanai” become a trend word.

And, I have to mention this. Have you seen this flag?

This face is the likable looser not Osako.
Please don’t misunderstand.

You can use this word easily

If you like this word, you can use easily.
Like this
“Mike hampanai!!”: It means Mike is awasome.
“Susan hampani!!” : It means Susan is awasome.

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