Japanese girls fashion trend -contact lenses-

This article was written over a year ago.

Japanese girls use contact lenses as a fashion item.
So there are a lot of kind of contact lenses in Japan.

Maybe over 5~10 years ago, color contact lenses was most popular one.
Blue eyes or green eyes can makes them like a foreigner.

But now, “define contact lenses” is most popular.
“define contact lenses” makes black eye larger.
(You can check it here >> http://acuvue.jnj.co.jp/product/acuvue_define/design/)
They think having large black eye is cute. Imagine dolls or chihuahua.
(But sometimes I think they looks like an alien!!)

“Define contact lenses” is very popular.
You can see a lot of girls who use it in Japan.
If you think “she has large dark eyes”, she uses the contact lenses (or she is an alien).

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