REIWA meaning

This article was written over a year ago.

REIWA is a new era name.
I try to explain about this.

REIWA meaning

New era name is “令和(REIWA)” and each Kanji has meaning.
“令” means “good”.
(But most popular meaning is “command”, so at first, we thought “What? Why they use this Kanji?” )
“和” means “circle, harmony” and maybe “peace”.

REIWA is from Poem

Japanese government said “REIWA” is from Manyoushu.
Manyoushu is Japanese old book which collect poems. And the poems are written by a lot of kind of status people. (Including Emperor, noble person, soldier)
“REIWA” is from a Ume poem. (Ume is flower name).
I’m not sure the meaning of the poem. It’s written by old Japanese but I know It’s a beautiful and happy poem.
I’m not sure, but if I have to explain it easily I’ll say like this”Each flower is beautiful and can blossom”. (I’m not sure!)

We feel…

Today, every news broadcast about new era name, and we are interested in it.
Because we use it, we see era name everywhere! On newspapers, on coin, on bill…and official paper use the era name.

To be honest, I feel “it sounds weird”, the sounds is not familiar to us.
But I know, we will get used to it soon.

Next month, our emperor will change, and era name will change.
I just hope peaceful era.

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