Meaning of △

This article was written over a year ago.

Have you ever seen like this “本田△”.
In this case, meaning of “△” is not triangle.
It means cool or awesome. It’s a internet slang.

On the internet, “Someone’s name” + “△” means “Someone is cool!”.

Why does “△” means cool?

Generally speaking, “△” means “triangle” and that pronunciation is “san-ka-ku-kei”.
And the pronunciation is sometimes like this “san-kakkei”.
“San” means like Mr or Mrs and “kakkei(かっけー)” means cool.
(“kakkoii” means cool, but you can say “kakkei” which is more casual expressions.)

Example Conversation (on the internet)

A: Do you know? Egashira helped the victims in private.
B: Wow, Egashira△!

A: 知ってる?江頭がプライベートで被災者助けたらしいよ。
B: おー、江頭△!

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