Meaning of Gokon

This article was written over a year ago.

Gokon is a Japanese group blind date.
It’s common among young people. (especially amoung 20’s)

In most cases, the rule is to adjust the number of men and women.
If there are 3 men, they needs 3 women.
I think 3 on 3 is best, 6 people can talk about same topic and they can use same table.

Example Conversation

A: I want a girlfriend.
B: Me too. How about Gokon?
A: It sounds nice! Do you have any friend who can hold a Gokon?
B: No… I don’t have any girl FRINDS…
A: Oh… Me too… We can’t hold a Gokon…

A: 彼女欲しいなぁ
B: おれも。合コンどうよ?
A: いいねぇ。合コン開けそうな友達いる?
B: いないや・・・女友達いないわ・・・。
A: あぁ・・・俺も・・・俺達には合コン開けないね・・・。

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