Meaning of guguru(ググる)

This article was written over a year ago.

“Guguru” means “google it”.
And “Gugure kasu” means “Google it before you(asshole) ask!”
(“Gugure” means “Google it!” and “kasu” means “asshole”.)
“Gugure kasu” is internet slang and sometimes it’s written “ggrks”.
(“ggrks” come from “Gu Gu Re Ka Su”)

We still use “Guguru” but “Gugure kasu” is almost an obsolete word.

Example Conversation

A: Who is this?
B: I’ve seen him, he played “Kamen rider” but I forget his name…
Let me Guguru.

A: これ誰だっけ?
B: 見たことある、仮面ライダーやってた人だけど、名前忘れちゃった。

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