Driving license in Japan

This article was written over a year ago.

How to get Japanese driving license

To get driving license in Japan is not easy, we have to pass a difficult test.
If we try the test without driving school, we can’t pass it.
So most of people go to the driving school even though it costs about 300,000yen. (Now, it’s $2805)

To get driving licence, we have to take 2 tests.
1st is temporary driving licence test including writing exam and driving exam.
2nd is driving license test including writing exam and driving exam.

At driving school, we pass 1st test (after 10 hours classroom learning and 12 hours driving lesson) and 2nd driving exam (after 16 hours classroom learning and 19 hours driving lesson).
After we graduate the school, we go Driver and Vehicle Licensing Center and take a 2nd writing exam.
And at the 2nd writing exam we have to get over 90 points.

Why is Japanese driving license difficult to get?

Japan is very densely populated so we have to get enough driving knowledge and high degree driving technique to protect people.
And I think other reason of it is Japanese road and parking space is very narrow. I recommend you google (visual search) “parking in japan”.

Recently some car has automatic parking system and collision avoidance system. And in the future, automatic operation might be common. But at least now we have to pass the difficult test.

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