Meaning of “Sontaku(忖度)”

“Sontaku(忖度)” means consideration of others (especially powerful people) feelings. Some times, people doing ethically questionable actions because of the “Sontaku(忖度)”,.

This word is not used only in bad way, but these days, most of time, we use this in bad way.
This word is one of the words that represents negative aspects of Japanese. As you know, Japanese valuing keeping harmony, so we try to avoid making waves and do “sontaku(忖度)”.

Example Conversation

A: I think Johnny’s sexual abuse scandal is also Japanese mass-media’s fault.
B: I agree, they knew it, but didn’t cover as news.
A: Yes, I don’t know they have pressured by Johnny’s talent agency or they just do sontaku(忖度), whatever, it’s also their fault.

A: ジャニーズ問題ってさ、マスコミも悪いよね
B: な、あいつら知ってて取上げなかったしね
A: 圧力があったのか忖度があったのかしらないけど、マスコミのせいでもあるよ。

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