How do you say “I’m gonna be Pirate King!” in Japanese?

The release date for the One Piece is today, so I’d like to introduce this line.

This is the most famous line of Luffy.
In English, it’s just “I’m gonna be king of the pirates!”.
However, the Japanese line “海賊王に俺はなる!” give Japanese more strong impression because of the word order.

“海賊王に(kaizokuou ni)” (which means king of the pirates) is Object, and “俺(Ore)” (which means I ) is Subject, and “なる(naru)” (which means become) is verb.
海賊王に 俺は なる!
is OSV.
This sounds weird, because, basically, we just say it.
俺は 海賊王に なる! (SOV)

This word order is so unique and so memorable.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to watching One Piece on Netflix because the trailer was so cool!!
And, the Japanese dubbed version is done by anime voice actors. Wow!
Let’s all have fun together!

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