Meaning of “JakushaDansei(弱者男性)”

“JakushaDansei(弱者男性)” means a disadvantaged man. This word refers to a man who is weak economically, socially, and also in the dating market.
“Jakusha(弱者)” means weak person(underprivileged, disadvantaged).
“Danse(男性)” means man.
This word is not a slang, but these days I often see this word especially on internet.

Example Conversation

A: She is getting popular, right?
B: Yes, she is popular among JakushaDansei(弱者男性).
A: What? Why? She mocked short people before.

A: 彼女最近人気みたいだね。
B: 弱者男性に人気らしいよ
A: え、なんで?ホビット煽りしてたのに

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