3 items for surviving Japanese summer

Hi, guys. Today, I’ll introduce 3 items for surviving the Japanese summer.
Lately, there has been an influx of foreigners coming to Japan, but I’m concerned whether they can endure the Japanese summer.

Japanese summer is TERRIBLE!

As you know, the whole world is experiencing a heat wave. The situation in Japan is terrible. Almost every day, it’s over 35 degrees with high humidity. We can’t survive without air conditioners anymore.
Japan is a good place to visit, but I would never recommend to visit Japan in summer…

Still, if you have to be in Japan in this awful season, you should use some items to survive, especially when spending time outdoors. (You just should use air conditioners indoors.)

3 items for surviving the Japanese summer

Every item is common in Japan, but I don’t know other country people know these items, so I want to introduce.

1 Neck cooler ring

This item naturally freezes below 28°C, providing a cooling sensation around the neck.
It’s not heavy and useful and not expensive, that’s why many people use this. Especially for kids, this is the best tool.

2 Handy electric fan

This Francfranc handy fan is popular among girls so you can see many girls using this fans outdoors in Japan.
Maybe sensu(扇子) is more “Insta-worthy”, but electric fan is more effortless.

3 Air conditioning clothes

This is common item especially among people who work outside, like a construction crew.
This clothes have fans hat circulate air inside.

Anyway, if you are in Japan in summer, you should try some useful tools, and don’t forget to stay hydrated!

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