Meaning of “Nechikkoi(ねちっこい)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Nechikkoi(ねちっこい)” is an onomatopoeia.
The image of it is insistent or persistent, I think.

Image the gum adhered to the sole of the shoe, it’s difficult to remove it.
Additionally, the onomatopoeia to discribe the gum might be “NechoNecho(ねちょねちょ)” in my opinion.

Example Conversation

A: Why do you hate your boss?
B: I hate him because his personality is nechikkoi(ねちっこい).
He still blame me for the failure 3 years ago persistently

A: なんであの上司のこと嫌いなの?
B: 性格がねちっこいから嫌い。未だに3年前の失敗のことをしつこく責めてくるんだよ。

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