Meaning of “Bekiron(べき論)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Bekiron(べき論)” means “To think ‘you should'”.
People have own opinion.
For example…
“We should do like this!” “Woman should do like this!” “Children should do like this!”
“Beki(べき)” means “should”, “Ron(論)” means “theory”.

“Bekironja(べき論者)” means “a person who think ‘you should’ (for everything)”.
Most of people use “bekiron(べき論)” and “bekironja(べき論者)” in a negative way.
The reason is… you know, a person who always say “you should” “we should” is annoying. It’s easy just saying “you should”, but it’s not easy handling a situation.
In my opinion, “bekironja(べき論者)” always force their values on everyone.

Example Conversation

A: How about your new boss?
B: Hmm… I don’t think I like him…
A: Oh, why?
B: He always just say bekiron(べき論) and doesn’t understand the situation…

A: 新しい上司どう?
B: ちょっと苦手かなぁ
A: なんで?
B: なんかべき論を言ってばっかりで、現実わかってないんだよね

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