Celebrity names as slangs

This article was written over a year ago.

We use some celebrity names as slangs sometimes.
In this page, I will introduce some of them.

Darvish as a slang

Darvish as a slang means “I feel dull” or “I feel unmotivated to do anything”.
Darvish(ダルビッシュ) is a name of a Japanese baseball player but the sound of “Dar(だる)” is same pronunciation with “daru(だる)” from “darui(だるい)” which means “dull”.

Beckenbauer as a slang

Beckenbauer as a slang means “There is an another plan” or “There is an another matter”. This slang is not so popular as far as I know.
As you know, Beckenbauer(ベッケンバウアー) is a name of a German soccer player but the sound of “Becken(べっけん)” is same pronunciation with “bekken(別件)” which means “another plan” or “another matter”.

I can’t remember other examples now, but I think there are others.
If I can remember, I might be going to add this page.

Example Conversation

A: You looks sleepy.
B: Not so much, I’m really Darvish(ダルビッシュ).

A: なんか眠そうだね
B: 眠いっていうか、ちょーダルビッシュ

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