Meaning of “Renban(連番)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Renban(連番)” means “consecutive numbers”.
“Ren(連)” is from “Renzoku(連続)” which means “consecutive”.
“Ban(番)” is from “Bangou(番号)” which means “number”.

So if someone says “These concert seat number is renban(連番)”, it means the seats might be side-by-side seats”.

We often hear this word at lottery stand.
When we buy some lottery tickets, we can choose “Renban(連番)” or “Bara(バラ)”.
“Bara(バラ)” is an abbreviation for “Barabara(バラバラ)” which means “scattered”.
If you choose “Bara(バラ)” at lottery stand, the number of lottery is not consecutive.

Example Conversation at lottery stand

A: May I have 10 of Nenmatsu Jumbo, please?
B: “Renban(連番)” or “Bara(バラ)”?
A: Well… I hope the numbers before and after the first prize, so “Renban(連番)” please.

*Nenmatsu Jumbo(年末ジャンボ) is a famous lottery in Japan.

A: 年末ジャンボ10枚ください
B: 連番ですか?バラですか?
A: うーん、前後賞も狙いたいので連番で

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