Meaning of “UzaGarami(ウザ絡み)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“UzaGarami(ウザ絡み)” means “continue to talk to someone (if the someone thinks ‘it’s annoying!!’)”. kind of…
This is a slang.

“Uza(ウザ)” is an abbreviation for “Uzai(ウザイ)” which means “annoying”.
“Garami(絡み)” is a noun of “Karamu(絡む)” which means “coil around” basically.
But if “Karamu(絡む) + someone”, the meaning of “Karamu(絡む)” is “hang out” or “talk” or “something to do with someone”.

Example Conversation

A: You are close to (senior) colleague, aren’t you?
B: Yeah…He is usually a good person, but when he gets drunk, he start to “UzaGarami(ウザ絡み)”…

A: お前、あの先輩と仲いいよね。
B: いやー、あの人普段はいい人なんだけど、酔っぱらうとウザ絡みがひどいんだよね。

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