Meaning of “Neta(ネタ)”

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“Neta(ネタ)” has some meanings.
Origin of “Neta(ネタ)” is “Tane(タネ)” which means seed. So most of meaning of it is related with something we can imagine from “seed”.

[Meaning of Neta(ネタ)”]

1. raw materials or something base
ex1-1: 寿司ネタ(Sushi neta) which means “sushi topping”.

2.something base of story kind of…
ex2-1: 話のネタ(Hanashi no neta) which means “topic to talk about”
ex2-2: ネタバレ(Neta Bare) which means “spoiler”. バレ(Bare) means find out or get caught.
ex2-3: ガセネタ(Gase Neta) which means “fake story”. ガセ(Gase) means fake.
ex2-4: ネタ(Neta) which means joke. *Comedians joke material is also “ネタ(Neta)”
ex2-5: 小ネタ(KoNeta) which means funny topic to talk.

It’s difficult to explain…
But in my image, “neta(ネタ)” just has “something funny image” and “sushi image”. That’s it!!

Example Conversation of comedian

A: I make neta(ネタ), so you just act stupid.
B: Got it!!
A: Let’s win next M-1!!
B: Got it!!

A: ネタ作りは俺がやるから、お前はしっかりボケてくれればいいよ。
B: わかった!
A: 次のM-1で優勝狙おう!
B: Got it!!

*If you want to know about M-1, check this article!!

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