Comedy styles in Japan.

This article was written over a year ago.

Hi, there.
Today’s topic is Japanese comedy. We call it “Owarai(お笑い)”.
I think the styles of it is different from other countries so I introduce it.

1.Manzai(漫才) style

It’s almost looks like stand-up comedy but manzai needs 2 people (sometimes 3 people) and they talk in front of the standing mic.
One of them is “boke(ボケ)” and another is “tukkomi(ツッコミ)”.
Boke says something stupid and tukkomi points out.
In some cases, manzai comedians start playing funny situation from the middle of the show.
They do a role-play without props so they need talk skills and the most important skill is a “timing” to say something funny.

[Famous manzai competition]

[Famous manzai comdeian]
They are legend.
・Two Beat


Latest Manzai style

2.Konto(コント) style

Konto is a skit.
Unlike manzai, they use props and costumes, and the use the stage widely.
Cont comedians play each role in one situation from the beginning.
So in the konto, they have another personality and play it like actors.
Most of time, Same as manzai, there are boke and tukkomi.

[Famous konto competition]
King of Konto

[Famous konto comdeian]
They are legend.
・The Drifters

Latest konto style

3.Gag(ギャグ) style

(note : There is some overlap with MEANING OF YURUSHITE HYACINTH(許してヒヤシンス)”)
In Japan Gag means short joke or quick one-liner.
This style is so different from others.
It’s played by one comedian.

This time, I’d like to introduce “Ippatsu Gag(一発ギャグ)”.
Ippatsu means one shot, so ippatsu gag needs quick and funny movement.

[Famous gag competition]
There is no competition for it.

[Famous gag]
・ “コマネチ(komanechi)” by Beat Takeshi (Takeshi Kitano)

・”GETS!!” by Dandy Sakano

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