Meaning of DouchouAtsuryoku(同調圧力)

This article was written over a year ago.

Douchou(同調) means doing the same thing with everyone.
Atsuryoku(圧力) means pressure.
So DouchouAtsuryoku(同調圧力) means to pressure on people to doing the same thing with everyone.

As I told you before, Japanese want to keep harmony with everyone.
If you disturb the harmony, others might attack you(Maybe on twitter on somehow) or start to ignore you.
In Japan, every nail that satnds will be hammered down.
For better or for worse, it’s Japanese culture.

Example Conversation

A: Why can Japanese do voluntary restraint without penalties?
B: We’re afraid of COVIT-19 and there are DouchouAtsuryoku(同調圧力) in Japan.
If I don’t do it like others, everyone will attack me.
And If JishukuKeisatsu(自粛警察) finds me, my life is over.
A: What is the JishukuKeisatsu(自粛警察)?
B: It means people crack down on someone who does’t do voluntary restraint.
 ※Jishuku(自粛) means voluntary restraint, and Keisatsu(警察) means police.

A: なんで日本では罰則もないのに、みんな自粛できているの?
B: コロナは怖いし、日本には同調圧力があるからね。
A: 自粛警察?
B: 自粛してないやつを自主的に取り締まってるやつらのことだよ。

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