Situation in Japan : It looks still same as usual after coronavirus pandemic

This article was written over a year ago.

Coronavirus shuts down cities and people aroud the world are panic.
But in Japan, it looks almost same as usual.
People walking around the city with no limit. Most of shops still open.
In the surpermarket, there are enough stuffs.
We can’t find facemask yet but other stuffs we can buy easily.
There’s no panic buying except for facemask and toiletpaper so far.

Japanese just pretend?

It’s possible Japanese goverment must pretend for Tokyo2020.
But in my opinion, it’s just a one of the reasons.

Dont’ bother others.

Japanese is an agricultual tribe. It means we have to keep harmony.

So I wear facemask, wash my hands not only for me for others.
If I’m infected the virus, it means it’s possible to spread others. I don’t want to bother others.

This mindset is not only mine. Many Japanese have same mindset.
I think this mindset works.

A nail that stands will be hammered down

This is also the Japanese culture.
If you disturb the harmony, others might attack you(Maybe on twitter on somehow) or start to ignore you.
Yes, so we have to the mindset(Don’t bother others) to keep harmony more strctly.

Japanese national character works in my opinion

I’m not sure but I think so.
It’s also because of number of inspections. Yes, it’s true.
But I still think Japanese national character works.

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