Meaning of “gotegote”(後手後手)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means being behind because of poor planning.
Gote(後手) is originated from Shogi words.
Shogi is Japanese chess and it means second move.

And opposite words of “gotegote”(後手後手) is “sentesente”(先手先手).
Sente(先手) is also originated from Shogi words. it means first move.

Example Conversation

A: We’ll keep to take measures against corona virus in sentesente.
B: What?? You are always gotegote!!

A: 引き続きコロナウィルスに対して先手先手の対策をしていきます。
B: は???いつも後手後手じゃん!!!

Yes, I mention Japanese government!!
I know they’re working hard, but I feel it’s so Gotegote!!!

[Addition 2020/2/27] Japan to close all schools until the end of March due to the coronavirus.
It’s not gotegote, it’s sentesente, finally!!
Some people still complain about it, “that’s sudden!”.
You know, if government don’t do like that, people say “They are gotegote, they should do quickly!!”. Yes, people always complain. Just complain.
Yes, it’s sudden but not bad thing in my opinion.

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