Meaning of Konkatsu(婚活)

This article was written over a year ago.

Konkatsu is activity for marriage. So it means marriage hunting.
Kon(婚) came from Kekkon(結婚) and the meaning is marriage.
Katsu(活) came from Katsudou(活動) and the meaning is activity.

If someone say “I’m doing Konkasu.”, we imagine “machi-kon”, “konkatsu-party” or “marriage agency”.
Using some matchmaking service is konkatsu.

What is machi-kon(街コン)

“Machi-kon” is the most casual konkatsu, we just drink in some assigned restaurant. There are a lot of people at the party and not every people think about marriage seriously, so it’s a casual konkatsu.
“machi” means city, and some of machi-kon is held by city government.
The organizer just create an opportunity. I mean if you find good person, you have to ask about her/his LINE ID by yourself.
(In Japan, most young people use LINE not Facebook. So if you want to make a Japanese friend you should use LINE.)

What is Konkatsu-party(婚活パーティー)

“Konkatsu-party” is a party with systematic operation.
The organizer control the flow. There are many people at the party (the number is less than machi-kon) and they have to introduce oneself 1 on 1. And after a few minutes, they have to move to next seat. (It looks like conveyor belt sushi)
Most people think about marriage seriously than machi-kon.

The end of the party, you have to write the number(everyone have own number) if you find some good person.
And if the person likes you too, you can get her/his contact information.

What is Marriage Agency(結婚相談書)

If you want to use a marriage agency, at first, you have to become a member of the matchmaking service, then marriage agency introduce some good person to you.
It’s a marriage agency.
Most of time, you have to pay a lot but most people think about marriage very seriously.

Example Conversation

A: I’m thinking about konkatsu.
B: How about machi-kon? I’m interested in it.
A: I’m not sure if I can find good girls at machi-kon.
B: I don’t know, but we can try it!!

A: そろそろ婚活しようかなぁ
B: 街コン行ってみる?興味あるんだよね。
A: 街コンで本当に出会えるのかなぁ?
B: わかんないけど、行ってみようよ。

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