Meaning of “Ikumen(イクメン)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Ikumen(イクメン)” means a farther who actively take part in child care.
“Iku(イク)” is an abstraction for “Ikuji(育児)” which means child care.
“Men(メン)” is men.

In Japan, child care is always mother’s mother’s role.
Not only child care but also house chores are always mother’s role.
But these days, finally, some young fathers start to “help” the role.
We call the fathers “iukmen(イクメン)”.
*In my opinion, most of “ikumen(イクメン)” just “help” the role…

Example Conversation of mothers

A: I envy you, your husband is “Ikumen(イクメン)”.
B: What? You think he is “Ikumen(イクメン)”?
A: Yes, he brings your daughter to kindergarten and pick her up every day.
B: Ah, yes… but he just helps only it…

A: あなたの旦那さん、イクメンでいいよね
B: え、どこが?
A: いつも幼稚園の送り迎えしてくれてるじゃん
B: あー、まぁね…でもそれだけだよ…

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