Meaning of “Itaba(痛バ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Itaba(痛バ)” means “a bag decorated with some items of their oshi(推し)“.

“Ba(バ)” is an abstraction for bag(バッグ).
“Ita(痛)” is an abstraction for “Itai(痛い)”.
“Itai(痛い)” means “cringy (because of their too much somothing)” in this case.

Anyway, look! This is a “Itaba(痛バ)”

Most of “Itaba(痛バ)” has a see-through side to put their “oshi(推し)” goods.
The most important point of the bag is the see-through side is only one side. If they turn over the bag, other people don’t realize it’s a “Itaba(痛バ)”.

In Japan, many people doing “推し活(推し活)” and making “Itaba(痛バ)” is a one of activity of “推し活(推し活)“.
Otherwise, they know the activity is cringy just a bid. So that’s why they try to hide their huge love to their “oshi(推し)” by turning over the bag.

By the way, the trend of “Itaba(痛バ)” is new, but there are “Itasha(痛車)” culture since a long time ago. Do you know about “Itasha(痛車)”?
“Itasha(痛車)” means “a car decorated by their oshi(推し)“.
“sha(車)” means a car.
This is a “Itasha(痛車)”.

Long time ago, I’ve seen a meeting of “Itasha(痛車)”. It was “WOW”!!
I think Japan is definitely a otaku mecca, haha!

Example Conversation

A: Guess what! I finaly made “Itaba(痛バ)”!
B: Really? Show me!
A: ta-dah!
B: Wow, just wow!

A: 聞いて、私ついに痛バを作っちゃった!
B: わー、まじか、見せて。
A: じゃーん
B: おー、すげーな。

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