How to find the building by address without street name in Japan

This article was written over a year ago.

In Japan, most of streets don’t have name. Only some popular streets have name.
Then, how to find the house or shop by address without the street name in Japan?
My answer is “Use google map”. Haha, because it’s hard to find it by address even for Japanese.

If you don’t have a smartphone or something, there is a way to know the address where you are.
The way is “Find a pole which have green label”.
Some poles have a green label which is written the address.

For example. Look at this!
The address of here is “銀座(Ginza) 2-14”.

By the way. Ginza 2 area is this.

So if you want to “Ginza 2-2-14”, the pole means you are close to the destination, at least you are in Ginza 2 area.
What you should do next is to find “銀座(Ginza) 2-2” pole or some close number pole like “銀座(Ginza) 2-3” or “銀座(Ginza) 2-1” . Additionally, if you are lucky, the building you want to go has own address plate.
Or you should ask someone! Because some area don’t have pole with the green label.

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