Meaning of “ShioTaiou(塩対応)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“ShioTaiou(塩対応)” means “cold attitude(to be cold to someone)” or “unfriendly attitude(to be unfriendly to someone)”.
“Shio(塩)” means salt and “Taiou(対応)” means correspondence.

We feel something salty is unfriendly.
So that’s why, in this case, salt means unfriendly or cold.

Additionally, salt is “Shoppai(しょっぱい)” which means salty.
So meaning of “ShoppaiTaido(しょっぱい態度)” is same with “ShioTaiou(塩対応)”.
*Taido(態度)” means attitude.

Example Conversation

A: Do you have any favorite idol?
B: Well… I don’t have now, but I used to liked Paruru.
A: Is she famous for “ShioTaiou(塩対応)”.
B: Yes! I went to handshake event sometimes, yes, she was “ShioTaiou(塩対応)”.

A: 好きなアイドルとかいる?
B: うーん、今はいないけど、昔ぱるるが好きだったかなぁ。
A: 塩対応の?
B: そう。握手会何回か行ったけど、塩対応だった。

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