Meaning of “Pakuri(パクリ)” / “Pakuru(パクる)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Pakuri(パクリ)” means “plagiarism”.
This is a noun, and the verb of it is “Pakuru(パクる)” which means “rip off” or “steal”.

“PakuriGe(パクリゲー)” means “A game which looks like not be original, looks like another game”.
In this case, “Ge(ゲー)” is an abbreviation for “Game(ゲーム)”.

Example Conversation

A: Look this, it looks like MineCraft !
B: Wow, it’s a completely “PakuriGe(パクリゲー)”!

A: 見てこれ、マインクラフトみたい
B: うわー、これは完全にパクリゲー!

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