Meaning of 893

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893 means yakuza.
*Yakuza is a japanese mafia.
The pronunciation of 893 is “yakuza”.
In this case, the number 8 is pronounced “ya”,
the number 9 is pronounced “ku”,
the number 3 is pronounced “za”.
893 is an internet slang.(Yakuza is not a slang.)

When we count the number from 1, we count like this.
Hitotsu(一つ) or Ichi(いち) which means 1.
Futatsu(二つ) or Ni(に) which means 2.
Mittsu(三つ) or San(さん) which means 3.
Yottsu(四つ) or Yon(よん) which means 4.
Itsutsu(五つ) or Go(ご) which means 5.
Muttsu(六つ) or Roku(ろく) which means 6.
Nanatsu(七つ) or Nana(なな) which means 7.
Yattsu(八つ) or Hachi(はち) which means 8.
Kokonotsu(九つ) or Kyuu(きゅう) which means 9.

So that’s why the number 8 is pronounced “ya(や)”, and the number 3 is pronounced “za(ざ)” in this case.

Additionaly, the pronounciation of “九” is not only “Kyuu(きゅう)” and “Kokono(ここの)”, but “Ku(く)”.
That’s why the number 3 is pronounced “za(ざ)”.

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