Meaning of “Echiechi(えちえち)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Echiechi(えちえち)” means erotic and sexy, it’s an internet slang.
“Echiechi(えちえち)” is from “Ecchi(エッチ)” which means erotic and sexy.
“Etttt(エッッッッ)” has also same meaning with “Echiechi(えちえち)”. It’s also an internet slang and from “Ecchi(エッチ)”.
“Ecchi(エッチ)” is not a slang and sounds like old fashion, so maybe that’s why people try to make new word which has same meaning.

By the way, be careful to use this word, it’s sounds like “Kimoota(キモオタ).
In my opinion, even on internet, if you use this word, maybe many girls think “you are gross”.

For example, in this month, official twitter account of 閃光のハサウェイ( Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway’s Flash ) blew up.
Because someone ask the account “Is there Echiechi(えちえち) scene of Gigi on next movie?” and the official account say “Yes, it’s planned, Look forward!”.
Then the account blew up because some women got upset because the official account answered the creepy gross question.
So be careful if you use this slang…

Example Conversation on internet

A: Here is an echiechi(えちえち) photo
B: Ettttt(エッッッッ)

A: えちえちな写真おいておきますね。
B: エッッッッ

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