The rule of Japanese transportation

This article was written over a year ago.

Hi, there, today I want to explain about “the rule of Japanese transportation” for everyone who want to come to Japan someday! (Not now, after this COVID-19 pandemic!)

1.Wait for people to get off

When you use train or bus or elevator or something, you should wait for people to get off first. If you don’t, people might stare you.

2.On escalator, stand on the left side in Tokyo

In Tokyo and some big city, many people are really busy, so they want to walk even on escalator. For them, you should stand on the left side. People who want to walk use right side.
But be careful, in Osaka, it’s opposite. Left side is for people who want to walk.

3.Taxi door opens and shuts automatically

If you use taxi, don’t forget “you don’t need to open the taxi door, it’s open and shuts automatically.”
In everywhere in Japan, it’s Japanese common taxi.

4.Women-only train carriages

In Tokyo and maybe some big city, there are women-only train carriages at rush hour.
Most of time the first carriage or the last carriage become women-only train carriage.
So if you get on a train at rush hour, and if in there, there are only woman, it might be women-only carriage.
If you are male, you should move next carriage. If you don’t it’s not illegal, no one can arrest you, but some women might stare you…

That’s it!! I hope many people can come to Japan after this pandemic!!

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