Meaning of “Kimoota(キモオタ / キモヲタ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Kimoota(キモオタ)” means creepy gross nerd, this is a slang.
“Kimo(キモ)” is an abbreviation for “Kimoi(キモい)” which means creepy.
“Ota(オタ / ヲタ)” is an abbreviation for “Otaku(オタク / ヲタク)” which means nard.

These days, in Japan, the status of Otaku has improved, maybe because of internet society.
Over a decade ago, “Otaku(オタク)” meaning was including “creepy” or “gross”, but these days, it’s not. “Otaku(オタク)” means just “Otaku(オタク)”, “Otaku(オタク)” is not always creepy and gross.
So that’s why we need this slang “Kimoota(キモオタ)”.

By the way, sometimes you can find “Otaku(オタク)” and “Otaku(ヲタク)”.
Do you know the difference of them?
In my image, “Otaku(ヲタク)” is more creepy than “Otaku(オタク)”.
“O(ヲ)” of “Otaku(ヲタク)” is basically we just use it as postpositional particle, so using “O(ヲ)” as one of noun is weird. So “O(ヲ)” makes “Otaku” more creepy.

Example Conversation

A: I’m Otaku but not Kimoota(キモオタ)!
B: I think the decision is not yours but others…
A: Definitely!

A: 俺はオタクだけどキモオタではない!
B: キモオタかどうかは、他人が決めることな気がする…
A: 確かに!

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