Meaning of DT

This article was written over a year ago.

DT means virgin as a slang.
DT is an abbreviation for DouTei(童貞) which means virgin.

If HE is a virgin, then he is a Doutei(童貞).
If SHE is a virgin, the she is a Shojo(処女).

Example Conversation

A: Shut up! Back off, DT!
B: That’s really mean!
A: Just kidding, sorry.
B: Damn it! I’ll keep my DT and become a wizard!!

A: うるせーなぁDTは黙ってろよ。
B: ひでえ!
A: 冗談だって、ごめんごめん
B: ちくしょー、このまま30まで過ごして魔法使いになってるやる!

* “You can become a wizard if you keep your DT until 30” is a famous joke in Japan.

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