What is the most popular communication tool in Japan

This article was written over a year ago.

Japanese online communication tool is different from other country.

For example, Facebook is not so popular tool in Japan.
Some people still use Facebook, in my image, over 40 males use it.
Some people use Twiter or Instagram as a communication tool but most popular online communication tool is LINE.
Everyone use it from young to the elderly.
When we become friends or want to, we ask LINE not Phone Number.
Actually, I don’t know some of my friends phone no, but I know their LINE.
Even when I want to talk my friends, I use LINE.
It was for personal at first, but these days, there are LINE WORKS which is for business and even government use LINE.

So in Japan, for personal, everyone use LINE not phone or SMS or other tools.
For business, we use E-mail and Phone, but these days other tools like TEAMS or SLACK start to take over it.
And don’t forget, in Japan in business, we still use FAX!!! WOW!!

* A few days ago we woke up shocking news “Line users’ personal data put at risk in China”
I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future.
LINE is the almost infrastructure of life, so it’s hard to stop using it.

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