Meaning of “Chuuni byou(厨二病 / 中二病)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“Chuuni byou(厨二病)” is mental situation of teenager around 2nd year of junior high school. This is an internet slang.

“Chuuni(厨二)” means “Chuuni(中二)” which is an abbreviation for “Chuugaku Ninensei(二年生)”.
“Chuugaku(中学)” means junior high school, and “Ninensei(二年生)” means 2nd grade.
Chuuni(厨二) is not correct kanji, but it’s same pronunciation with “Chuuni(中二)”. Why do we use this kanji? Maybe it’s a slang.
“Byou(病)” is an abbreviation for “byouki(病気)” which means disease.

Then I have to explain what is the “mental situation of teenager around 2nd year of junior high school”.

For example…

You know, many boys love Manga or Video games, and they want to be a hero.
They grow up with manga and video games.
And, when they become teenager, they prefer kind of dark hero not the classic hero. And some boys start to pretend as a dark hero secretly.
This is the “Chuuni byou(厨二病)”!!

Teenagers want to be more cool, so they suddenly start to listen foreign music or doing something which is not so popular and looks maybe cool. For them, the most important thing is they can say “I’m a special and different from others.”
This is maybe also “Chuuni byou(厨二病)”.

Kind of!!
You know, teenagers doing something stupid thing because of “Chuuni byou(厨二病)” which makes us embarrassed when we remember it.

Example Conversation

A: Why didn’t you come to the party?
B: Well…a little bit… I was just fighting against evil…
A: Oh… Chuuni byou…
B: Sorry, just kidding, I overslept, so sorry!!!

A: なんで昨日飲み会こなかったの?
B: いや・・・ちょっとな・・・悪の組織と戦っててな・・・
A: えー・・・厨二病・・・
B: すんません、うそです、本当は寝坊したんだよー、ごめーん。

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