Restroom in Japanese house

This article was written over a year ago.

Hi there, today I want to explain an common toilet in Japanese house.
If you visit Japanese house and use the restroom, you might see toilet like this in small room. There is a toilet, but no sink. Then where do you wash your hands?

The answer is here!!

Many Japanese toilet use this eco system.
At first wash your hands with the clean water, after that, the water flush bodily excretions. If you can’t find sink in the restroom, and there is a towel like this, it means you should wash your hands on the toilet! (Maybe after that you can wash your hands with soap at another area.)

And Japanese toilet has a lot of button.
Because it is an electric toilet, it has washing your ass function and heating seat function and so on.
But my advice is “don’t push any button except for flush button.”
Because there are no English explanation on it!!
If you can’t read it, don’t push.
But If you can find washing your ass button, the toilet clean your ass with clean water.
I’m not kidding!!

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