Meaning of “LisIn(リスイン)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“LisIn(リスイン)” means adding to list on Twitter or other SNS. It’s an internet slang. (You know, we can create list on Twitter, it is.)

“Lis(リス)” is an abbreviation for list(リスト).
“In(イン)” means “add” in this case, it’s from English “in”.
Japanese use “in” as a verb. For example, If Japanese say “In suru ne(インするね)”, it means “I’ll login”.
And yes, Japanese always want to make words 4 characters.

Example Conversation

[On twitter] A: If you follow me and reply now, I’ll lisin.
((A added you to their list HAPPYJAPANESE))
B: Thank you for lisin!

[Twitterにて] A: 今フォローとリプライしてくれたリスインしまーす。
B: リスインありがとうございます!

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