Meaning of “eapu”(エアプ)

This article was written over a year ago.

Eapu(エアプ) is an abbreviation for Air Play(エアープレイ) of Air Player(エアープレイヤー).
It means mainly the person who never played or done something before but pretend having experience.
This word was a gamer’s slang before but now it’s a internet slang.

Example Conversation

A: I used to be an animator of some popular animations. Ask me anything!
It was a so exciting job and I earned a lot. I make a living by investing money in stocks.
B: Liar, you’re eapu.

A: 昔、人気アニメのアニメーターやってたけど質問ある?
B: 嘘つけ、お前エアプだろ。


In Japan, most of animator can’t earn enough, middleman take huge money.
But this situation is changing because of Netflix!!

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