Meaning of “muteki no hito”(無敵の人)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means a person who is unstoppable because there’s nothing to lose. For the person there’s nothing to fear.
In many cases “muteki no hito”(無敵の人) is the socially vulnerable.
“muteki no hito”(無敵の人) can do anything if it’s really horrible thing. They could get desperate more easily.
This word has a bad or scary image.

Muteki(無敵) means no enemy, no rival, invincible.
(Mu(無) means nothing. teki(敵) means enemy.)
Hito(人) means person.
So it means the person has no enemy no rival, no one can stop the person.

Example Conversation

A: 無敵の人がコロナになったらやばいよね。まき散らすよ。テロみたいに。
B: ありえるね。

A: If “muteki no hito” is infected by corona, it’s dangerous. He must try to spread it like terrorist.
B: It’s possible.

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