Meaning of “tsunda”(詰んだ)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means “I’m doomed!” or “I’m done for!”.
This word is originated from Shogi words.
Shogi is Japanese chess and “tsumi”(詰み) means checkmate.

Example Conversation

A: Do you know infected person of corona virus uses Asakusa line?
B: Seriously? Tsunda. I use Asakusa line in rush hour everyday…

A: コロナウィルスに感染した人、浅草線使っていたらしいよ。
B: まじかよ、詰んだわ。毎日浅草線の満員電車で通勤してるよ…。

By the way, I’m afraid of corona!!!!
How about in your country????

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