Meanng of “Jokyu Kokumin”(上級国民)

This article was written over a year ago.

“Jokyu”(上級) means upper class, “Kokumin”(国民) means people or nation.
It’s a slang and I’m not sure, but there is a rumor that “If you were Jo-kyu Kokumin, it means you have power and you are not arrested in Japan.”

There is no class system in Japan, we believe it.
But nowadays, some people start to suspect it because of a traffic accident in Ikebukuro.

A traffic accident in Ikebukuro

If I want to explain about “Jokyu Kokumin”, I have to explain this accident.
A few days ago, A old man ran over 10 people. And a woman and her daughter(she was a 3 years old) died.
The old man is 87 years old and he was a high-level bureaucrat and also got a medal from gorverment. (Yes, he is a Jokyu Kokumin.)
He said “The brakes didn’t work.”
Most of time, if you run over someone, you are arrested. But he isn’t yet.
I know it’s because he is in hospital. It’s OK.
But police headquarters said “After he leave hospital, we don’t arrest him, we ask him about the accident.”
In addition, Japanese mass media is also crazy!
They don’t call him “suspect”, they call him “san”(meaning “Mr”) or “former-officer”. It’s crazy!!

He’s already took measures to avoid flaming
He changed his phone number, delete his Facebook and Twitter, blurred out his house on google street view.
He did it right after he ran over.
(To be accurate, his son did. Maybe. He called his son right after the accident.
He should’ve called an ambulance before he’s worried about his own honor.
Yes, it’s one of the reason we angry about it, he was just worried about himself!! AND, he is still protected by something big power.)

Why do we get mad at this.

I think there are 3 reasons.

1.We think “It’s an unfair world.”

We feel there is a class system and social polarization.
Some powerful people aren’t arrested, winner takes all.
Old people are favoured, young people are exploited.

2.Car accident by old people is increasing.

Before this accident, it’s a big issue.
Japan is aging ever faster.
It means old driver is increasing.
Not all, but many old people don’t have enough skill to drive.
I think, over 75 years old should not have driver license.

3.We feel really sorry for his loss.

Yesterday, husband of the woman who died hold a news conference. (He’s also father of the girl who died)
He hold it because he want to stop tragedy like this.
He asked people “if you feel insecure about your driving skill or your familly’s driving skill, please think about it carefully”.

I’m not sure there is power of Jokyu Kokumin.

Now we can’t edit this word “Jokyu Kokumin” in Wikipedia, we could it before the accident.
It might be a dangerous word. I’m not sure.
And I’m also not sure it might be a good reason and that’s why he isn’t arrested.
I don’t know.

But if you want to use this word “Jokyu Kokumin”, I’ll tell you how to use this.

[Example Conversation]

A: Oh, he run over.
B: He will be arrested, he’s not Jokyu Kokumin.
C: Unbelievable! he drive a car without medal??

[Addition 2019/9/1]

This old Jyokyu Kokumin isn’t arrested yet!
The bereaved family started a campaign to collect signatures against it and the number of signatures is over 290,000.

I’m not sure Japan is country with a constitutional government…
There is a privileged classes, and they are protected!!

[Addition 2020/2/6]

The Jyokyu Kokumin is finally indicted without arrest.
And some media start to call him “suspect” but some media still call him “former director”.
It’s a prosecution, not an arrest. But we fell “Finally!”.

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