Meaning of Shachiku(社畜)

This article was written over a year ago.

Shachiku means corporate slave.
Sha(社) is from Kaisha(会社) and it means corporate, chiku(畜) is from Kachiku(家畜) and it means a domestic animal.

Shachiku is domesticated. They work a lot and prioritize company than their private.
They looks like living for company, they just work from morning to midnight.

There are a lot of Shachiku in Japan, so Japanese salary is not increase!
They work like a slave or robot and they don’t go on strike, because they think going on strike will trouble someone.
Most of Japanese hate to make waves, they want to be a good team player. So strike is unimaginable in Japan.

Example Conversation

A: Hey, let’s hung out! When are you free?
B: Umm…I want to but I’m swamped.
A: How about weekend?
B: I’m working on Saturday and Sunday too.
A: Really???
B: I’m perfectory Shachiku.
A: Wow…It sounds hard…

A: 今度遊ぼうよ!いつあいている?
B: うーん、遊びたいけど忙しいんだよね。
A: 土日は大丈夫でしょ?
B: 土日も仕事だよ。
A: まじで?
B: もうすっかり社畜なんだよ。
A: わぁ・・・大変だね。

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