Meaning of DQN

This article was written over a year ago.

DQN is “Bad people” or like a rogue. Imagine the people who are crazy, foolish, stupit and loose cannon… they are “DQN”.
“DQN” has only bad image, so if someone say “He is DQN” someone hate him.

It’s a internet slang, but most of young people know this meaning. This pronunciation is “do-kyu-n”.

I didn’t know the origin of this word. So I googled it.
The origin of “DQN” is a TV program “目撃!ドキュン” (this pronunciation is “mokugeki-do-kyu-n”). And in the TV program, there were many DQN. (I haven’t watched this, so I don’t know detail.)

Example Conversation

A: Did the guy cut the line?
B: Yeah, he did. Did you see it?
A: Yes, why don’t you warn?
B: I won’t, he is a clearly DQN. I’m scared.

A: あの男、横入りしてなかった?
B: あーしてたね。見てたの。
A: 見てた。なんで注意しないたの?
B: やだよー、明らかにDQNだったもん。怖いじゃん。

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