Meaning of insta-bae (インスタ映え or インスタ蝿)

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Normal definition and meaning

“insta-bae” is Japanese slang and wins 2017 Japan buzzword award. It means instagenic.
“insta-bae” (インスタ映え) is made by two words. “insta”(インスタ) is an abbreviation of instagram(インスタグラム) and “bae”(映え) means “bright against something(ex:photo, view)”.

Internet slang

“insta-bae” has other meaning. “insta-bae”(インスタ映え) is normal and has good meaning.
“insta-bae”(インスタ蝿) is internet slang and has bad meaning.

Both “bae”(映え) and “bae”(蝿) is same pronunciation and “bae”(蝿) means fly.
Yes, it’s an ironic word.
Some people flock around something instagenic like fly. Sometimes it’s annoying.

Example Conversation

Girls: Look, it looks insta-bae(インスタ映え). Let’s take a picture!!
A: Look, they are insta-bae(インスタ蝿).
B: Yeah, it’s annoying. I want them to be quiet.

A: 見て、インスタ蝿だ。
B: ほんとだ、うざいね。静かにしてほしいわぁ。

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