Meaning of “Paon (ぱおん)”

This article was written over a year ago.

If young Japanese use it, it means more “pien(ぴえん)“.
Paon means more sad than pien.
This is also a teenage slang and mainly Japanese girls use this.
How to use paon is almost same with pien.
And this format “Pien koete paon(ぴえん超えてぱおん)” is also popular now.
※Koete(超えて) means exceed.

If the sentence has some relationship with elephants. It means voice of elephants.
In Japan, cats say “nyaa(にゃあ)” not “meow”, and elephants says “paon(ぱおん)” or “paohn(ぱおーん)”.

Example Conversation

A: By the way, he’s dating with Eri.
B: Pien. I have my eye on him.
A: Furthermore, they will study abroad.
B: Pien koete paon.

A: そういえば、あの人エリと付き合ってるらしいよ。
B: ぴえん。軽くねらってたのにー。
A: しかも、一緒に留学するらしいよ。
B: ぴえん超えてぱおん。

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