Robots in Japan

This article was written over a year ago.

Hi there, today I’ll introduce about robots in Japan.
What do you think about robots?
Is it cute? scary? powerful?
In this article, I’ll introduce about more “humanlike” or “animallike” robots.

Pet dog robot AIBO

Most famous pet robot is “AIBO” by SONY.
Have you ever seen them?
The first model of AIBO was released in 1999.
And the latest model of AIBO is here!
So cute, isn’t it?

It’s an official store >>

Pet robot LOVOT

There are also other pet robots in Japan.
I want to introduce “LOVOT”.
They are fluffy and can eye contact and follow you and they have ‘hug’ mode.
And the most impressive thing for me is they can jerous! Wow!

It’s an official store >>

Working robots in Japan

In Japan, You can find some working robots. Especially, working robot “pepper” is most common robot.
Some of them are not working (because the trend of pepper has gone), but still you can see them in some shops.
(For example, in front of smartphone shop or in some electronics stores, in some sushi shops.)

And a famous Japanese comedian live with pepper.

There are also robot hotel in Japan.

Do you know “hen na hotel”?
In the hotel, you can see many robot workers!
The receptionists are robot, and bartenders are also robot.

It’s an official site >>

Is it common living with robot in Japan?

In my opinion, not so common yet, but it might be.
(We’re already lived with robot cleaners like Roomba, but in this article, robots means more “living” something.)
Most of Japanese have good images for robots, because of some famous animations, Doraemon, Astro boy, etc…
For us, robot is a friend since we were child.

By the way, You can see Gundam in Odaiba Tokyo!
I’ve seen it several times, it’s so big and cool!!

(This article is not Stealth Marketing, if you buy them I can’t get money.)

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