Meaning of “wakarimi (わかりみ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

It means “I can understand (and I agree)”.
It’s a teenage slang and young girls often use this.

“wakari(わかり)” is from “wakaru(わかる)” which means “understand”.
“mi(み)” is hard to explain but I think it’s same “mi” with “arigatami (ありがたみ)” which is a noun not a slang and it means “thank”.
This “mi” may changes “wakaru(this is a verb)” to noun in my opinion.
If you can understand “mi”, you can also understand other “(something) + mi” teenage slang.

It means “I’m depressed just a bit”.
“Tsura(つら)” is from “tsurai(つらい)” witch means “be depressed”.
“+mi” is a way of teenage slang, so it sounds like something funny not serious so I added “just a bit”.

It means “It’s good”.
“Yosa(よさ)” is from “yoi(よい)” witch means “good”.

By the way, let’s go back to the main subject.
Wakarimi means “I can understand (and I agree)”.
You can use also like these. Both of them mean “I can really understand (and I agree)”.

wakarimi ga fukai (わかりみ が 深い)
※fukai(深い) means deep

wakarimi ga sugoi (わかりみ が すごい)
※sugoi(すごい) means super or great

Example Conversation

A: I want to travel, bug I’m worried about what other people are thinking about… so I can’t. Due to the COVIT-19.
B: Wakarimi.

A: 旅行に行きたいのに、周りの目があるからいけないんだよね。コロナのせい。
B: わかりみ。

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