Meaning of “Ari yori no ari(ありよりのあり)”

This article was written over a year ago.

It means super acceptable. Young people use this.
Ari(あり)” means “acceptable”.
Yorino(よりの) means “located close to”.
I know, get confusing. Don’t think deeply, It’s a teen slang.
“Ari yori no ari” means “super acceptable”, that’s it!

There are other similar slang.
Ari yori no nashi(ありよりのなし)
 It means “Unacceptable”. It’s close to “acceptable” but unacceptable.
Nashi yori no ari(なしよりのあり)
 It means “Acceptable”. It’s close to “unacceptable” but acceptable.
Nashi yori no nashi(なしよりのなし)
 It means “super unacceptable”. There’s no way.

If you want to use this, you should stop and wait a second before you say the last word (after “yori no”).
It makes your conversation more fun.

Example Conversation

A: Naoki must like you. What would you do if he ask you out?
B: Hmm…What should I do… But he looks mean.
A: So unacceptable?
B: Hmm… Nashi yori no…Ari!
A: Acceptable!!
B: Not. Or rather, Ari yori no Ari.

A: 直樹ってあんたのこと好きっぽいよね。告られたらどうする?
B: えー、どうしようかなぁ、でもなんか性格悪そう
A: え、じゃあなし?
B: うーん…。なしよりの・・・・あり!
A: ありなんかい!
B: いや、むしろ、ありよりのあり。

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