Meaning of “pien”(ぴえん)

This article was written over a year ago.

It means “I’m sad (just a bit)”. It’s sounds funny, not serious at all. (But sometimes it’s serious. It depends.)
It’s almost word play.
This word is made by gal and trend word in gal.
At first, this word is used when the gal wants to show herself cute on Instagram or Twitter etc.
But nowadays, It sounds like just funny and Japanese gal use it anytime anywhere.

If you want to use this word when you feel sad just a bit, you should keep serious face and say “pien” without emotion.
It sounds funny, you can make laugh!! 🙂

Caution: Japanese gal’s trend word is get old soon. It’s never last longer than 1 year most of time.

Example Conversation

A: I can’t stop eating recently.
B: Year, you are eating something always.
A: I want to lose my weight.
B: No, you can’t…
A: Pien

A: 最近食欲が止まらないんだよねぇ。
B: そういやなんかいっつも食べてるよね。
A: やせたいわー
B: いや、無理っしょ…
A: ぴえん

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