Meaning of “ShuKatsu(就活)”/”ShuKatsu(終活)”

“ShuKatsu(就活)” is an abstraction for “ShushokuKatsudou(就職活動)” which means job hunting. “Shushoku(就職)” means getting a job and “Katsudou(活動)” means activity.
On the other hand, “ShuKatsu(終活)” means activities toward the end of life. For example, organizing one’s possessions for after one’s death or preparing a grave is one of “ShuKatsu(終活)”.

Both words have the same pronunciation, but the meaning is deferent.
So if young people say ShuKatsu, perhaps the meaning of that is “ShuKatsu(就活)”, if elder people say ShuKatsu, the meaning of that might be “ShuKatsu(終活)”.

Example Conversation

A: Haa… I should start ShuKatsu(就活).
B: Me too, Ah, Speaking of ShuKatsu, my grandma said I started ShuKatsu(終活).

A: あー、俺もそろそろ就活始めないとなぁ
B: 俺もー。あ、そういえばばあちゃんが終活始めたって言ってたわ

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