Meaning of “TiPer(タイパ)”

This article was written over a year ago.

“TiPer(タイパ)” is an abstraction for “Time Performance(タイムパフォーマンス)”.
“TiPer(タイパ) ga yoi(が良い)” means “worth someone’s time”.
This is a kind of trend word.
*Yoi(良い) means good.

In Japan, basically, we have the word “CosPa(コスパ)”.
“CosPa(コスパ)” is an abstraction for “Cost Performance(コストパフォーマンス)” and “CosPa(コスパ) ga yoi(が良い)” means “good deal” or “worth buying”.
The word “TiPer(タイパ)” is derived from “CosPa(コスパ)”.

You know, nowadays, there are a lot of information and a lot of things we want to do. Otherwise, we just have only 24 hours every days. So people think about “TiPer(タイパ)” not only “CosPa(コスパ)”.
For example, people watch videos at double speed to save their limited time. Watching videos at double speed is good “TiPer(タイパ)”.

Example Conversation

A: Are you watching movies at double speed?
B: Yes, it’s good for “TiPer(タイパ)”, isn’t it?
A: I can’t agree… News channel is OK at double speed, but movie?

A: 映画を倍速で見てるの?
B: その方がタイパよくない?
A: 賛成できないなぁ、ニュースならいいけど映画だよ?

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